We're more than a simple delivery company; whatever your needs are in the transportation, courier, or delivery fields, we have you covered. Our couriers are trained, professional, screened, polite, courteous, and more importantly, they’re always willing to go the extra mile in order to please a client. They are the backbone of our company and are more than simple drivers.

Courier Industry

  • • Scheduled Pickup

    Whether your business allows daily or weekly scheduled pickups, we can save you money by making you part of our route.

  • • Route Service

    Daily or weekly routes are our bread and butter. You determine your needs and we make sure our vans are there.

  • • Computer and Technology Deliveries

    In the field or in the lab, we can get your equipment from where it is to where it needs to be. We deliver to your technicians and keep them working.

  • • On-delivery Services

    You get to set the terms for delivering packages. We can deliver COD (check or cash up to $ 1000.00), signature required or return package terms.

  • • Wine and Alcohol Deliveries

    Whether it is for your special event, restaurant or retail location, we can pick up and deliver your alcoholic beverages anywhere in the tri-state area.

  • • Hospital/Surgery Equipment Deliveries

    Medical deliveries, routine or emergency, are handled with the same professionalism and speed as regular deliveries. Whether your need is across town or 250 miles away throughout New York State, you can count on us to get it there.

  • • Personal Belongings

    Whether it is purses, bags or luggage, or any personal item, we can pick it up and deliver it to the specific recipient on your schedule.

  • • Florists

    We are your local flower delivery specialists. Whether arrangements or displays, we can deliver, assemble and take down on your schedule. No matter what time or what event.

  • • Last Minute Changes

    When you need to change anything about your order; destination, consignee or any aspect of the delivery, we can make those changes and make sure your order is delivered where and how you want, every time.

  • • Personalized Services

    We don’t just deliver packages. We are more than willing to verify serial numbers, deliver to a specific person, assemble or disassemble and check all aspects of your order for your peace of mind. We do it all.

  • • Van Service

    If you need an order delivered within the hour or have the time to take a more economical approach, our vans can handle the job.

  • • Document delivery

    Our personalized level of service insures that all of your documents are picked up, transported and delivered to their intended recipient according to your schedule and within your budget. This includes Nassau, Suffolk and NYC. Now, for a limited time only, you can save up to 15% off, when you e-mail your documents to us for delivery. We'll print out, address and deliver them for you within 4 hours or less in the tri-state area.

  • • Attorney Services

    We offer delivery services to businesses, as well as individuals. We deliver documents and filings to attorneys, court houses, judges and other agencies or individuals.

  • • Airport Pick-ups and Delivery

    Deliveries and pick-ups to JFK, LaGaurdia, Republic and MacArthur airports. If your package is going to/coming from baggage or an individual, our experts will make sure they get it.

  • • Party Planners

    Delivering flowers, displays or catering supplies to create a smooth event creates an aura of ease around your customer’s events. Last minute deliveries can mean the difference between success and chaos. You set our schedule, no matter the time, we will meet it.

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